We’ve all been there… Standing and waiting miserably in the piss soaked swamp that gradually surrounds any festival toilet. Thankfully Denmark’s Roskilde Festival have a unique way to harness the power that gallons of golden nectar can bring…

‘From Piss to Pilsner’ is an initiative in which the urine of 100,000 festival goers is collected and used to help fertilize the very crops that will be used to brew more beer, like some kind of fucked up circle of piss.

Like some kind of fucked up circle of piss

Festival attendees were directed to specially built collection urinals – both male and female – designed to store the urine until transported to nearby farmland.

Human urine (as it happens) is one of the fastest-acting, most excellent sources of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and trace elements for plants, delivered in a form that’s perfect for assimilation. Poured neat onto compost, it makes a fabulous compost accelerator/activator, with the extra benefit of adding more nutrients.

Danish festival goers recycling urine

The drive for this initiative comes off the back of the increasingly highlighted problem that your wild and uncontained piss can cause. Large scale urination causes land damage and pollutes the water table (and it stinks). The ground water runs off into rivers and lakes and affects wildlife and fish.

Piss jokes aside, there is a lot that UK festivals can learn from this ecologically responsible stroke of genius from our Scandinavian cousins.

Especially after Glastonbury were hit with a fine in 2014 after inadvertently polluting the river that runs through the site.

The fact is that with an ever increasing amount of festivals popping up around the country, the environmental impact they have will increase also. So festival organisers must start to think outside the box when it comes to keeping their festivals environmentally sustainable.

I for one am convinced by this initiative and I would welcome it with both open arms and bladder if it were to grace our shores. The problem would then be what to name such a concoction… Knobgoblin? Or perhaps Bishops Trickle? If you have any bright ideas, please feel free to share in the comments.

For more information visit Roskilde Festival.