With Farmfest just around the corner, here are 11 reasons why we are getting excited about this year’s knees up…

1. Charity

The guys down at Farmfest are a charitable bunch, so this year they will be donating money raised to three partner charities: Stay up late, committed to promoting the rights of people with learning disabilities. Given to Live, who make going to see live music possible for those who would otherwise be excluded due to physical, mental or emotional issues. And finally, The Little Paper Slipper, who aim to give a creative voice to women affected by domestic abuse.

2. Ethos

The Farmfest gang have a strong ethos that they stick to when organising their festival. They believe in everything creative, collaborative, local and affordable. You will get a sense of this ethos with everything you see on the festival site, from the workshops and food/drink stalls to the stages themselves.

Main Stage lorry farm fest

3. Wild Beer

With their 2015 venture at Farmfest a roaring success, Wild Beer are back to whet your whistle for another year. With their spiritual home in Bristol and the beer itself brewed in Shepton Mallet just down the road from the festival site, these balmy brewers are the perfect people to be standing behind the bar to greet you.

4. Gilles Peterson

Gilles peterson is certainly doing the rounds this year, but who can complain. Gilles will be topping the roster on Saturday with the expected offerings from his collection of afro, jazz, electronica, world and hip hop.

Giles Peterson

5. Workshops

Their are many weird and wonderful workshops dotted around the festival site. There’s botanical print making, samba drumming, graffiti and animal theatre(?!) to name a few.

6. DJ Format and Abdominal

If these guys aren’t enough to sway you I don’t know what will be. After 10 years apart, Abdominal and Format will be cooking up their usual splendid concoctions of funk and jazz-infused hip hop.

DJ Format

7. The WOW Tent campsite

If this is your third or fourth festival of the season and camping in a field is starting to get the better of you, then Farmfest has answered your prayers with their new WOW Tent campsite. You will be greeted on arrival with a pre-erected bell tent equipped with an air bed for each resident, lighting, rugs and a doormat (every little helps). And if you can’t even be arsed to bring your own bedding they can sort that out for you too. With a 6-person tent coming in at just £310, it’s starting to look more and more like it’s worth the investment…

8. Hot 8 Brass Band

Its always great to see the Hot 8 Brass Band on a festival lineup. Blending hip hop, jazz and funk styles with their roots in traditional New Orleans brass sounds, they never fail in getting those feet moving and party started.

Hot 8 Brass Band

9. Comedy acts

If you fancy a little break from the music, then you can head down to the comedy tent. Curated by Bristol Punchline, it promises to deliver the ‘best in the new wave of alternative comedy’ with acts such as Mark Olver, Gavin Osborn and Bristol’s best comedy newbie, Jo Duncan.

10. Atmosphere

Farmfest has a really unique feel, especially if you don’t mind a few rugrats running about. It can be a perfect setting for you and your mates, or for you and the family. And it’s because of Farmfest’s all round relaxed and friendly atmosphere that the two can do their own thing in perfect harmony.

girl on shoulders

11. Late night partying

When the sun goes down and the kids are tucked up in their sleeping bags, the party really kicks off, with an impressive roster of live acts and DJs going hard until 4am. Get a little taster of what’s on offer with the official Farmfest playlist below, including Young Fathers, GoGo Penguin, Lone, Pearson Sound and more.

Farmfest will be held on the 29 and 30 July, at Gilcombe Farm, Somerset. For more info and tickets, visit farmfestival.co.uk.