The mayor of the Argentinian capital has banned all electronic music festivals until new drug laws are put in place. This is following the recent death of five people who overdosed at Time Warp festival on April 15. Another four were taken to hospital, in critical condition.

The mayor, Horacio Rodriguez Larreta, has said the measure will be in place until a law is passed that will prevent drug abuse during parties and festivals, and that no permits will be granted for any large scale music events in the country.

Time Warp festival began in Germany in 1994, and has spread around the world to New York and Buenos Aires for its third year. Hosting artists such as Chris Liebing, Deep Mariano, Guti – Time Warp festival is a big event on the dance music calendar.

Following a statement on their website, Time Warp are sending their thoughts and prayers to the families of the deceased and to those still under medical treatment. They are offering refunds for the second day which has been cancelled.