It’s that time of year again. The festival season has ended, the opportunities for a weekend of camping are drying up, and our sleeping bags are hiding under our beds until next year. But that doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom. In:Motion is back in Bristol and have taken it upon themselves to entertain the masses with their Warehouse Project-style series of events in the converted skate park behind Temple Meads train station.

Starting this weekend, In:Motion are bringing some of the finest in electronic music to Bristol’s celebrated Motion nightclub every Friday and Saturday night for 12 weeks. This time, In:Motion is joined by its adjoining sister-venue, the Marble Factory for some more intimate events where the traditional raucous crowd of Motion would perhaps be out of place. The Pitch team have been scrutinising the lineup and these are the nights we think you need to check out…

In:Motion Opening Party // October 1 // Roni Size & Krust Present Full Cycle, Congo Natty, Gentleman’s Dub Club

Interview: Roni Size and Krust on the rebirth of Full Cycle Records 2

The second of the In:Motion opening parties is headlined by Roni Size and Krust who are bringing Full Cycle Records back to Bristol, after 12 years of retirement. You should read our lowdown on the rebirth of Full Cycle Records in our chat with Roni earlier this year, but let’s leave it at this – your ears are sure to be blessed with brand new material, previously unreleased material, and plenty of remixes to boot.

As huge fans of the night’s special guest, the mighty Gentleman’s Dub Club, we at Pitch just couldn’t leave this one off the list. With anthems such as High Grade and Fire, there might just be something wrong with you if by the end of the night you’re still not bouncing.

Tickets available here.

The Blast: Halloween // October 28 // Shy FX, Newham Generals, Klashnekoff

Shy FX

Our eyes widened at the sight of a Halloween event headlined by Shy FX. Sure to be a sweaty night, the drum and bass master always delivers an impressive set, and after catching the Digital Soundboy at an unforgettable Boomtown 2015 where he lead the game at mixing jungle, DnB and dancehall, he deserves a spot on this list.

Sold out.

Hospitality // November 4 // Netsky, Dillinja, Logistics


Fresh from a well-mannered lecture on how we were fools to miss Logistics’ recent liquid set at Field Trip, we knew we couldn’t make the same mistake twice. Hospitality Records are hosting a cocktail of DnB authorities, and it’s Netsky, the Belgian producer that’s topping the bill. Fresh from the recent release of his third LP, Netsky might just be experimenting outside of the DnB of the past with a more pop-ier sound, and while die-hard fans may be outraged that anthems like Iron Heart will have no place in the evening’s proceedings, many of the crowd will love the brighter vocals and tighter chords.

We also can’t go without mentioning one of the biggest names in DnB, Dillinja. Known for the harder-hitting sounds that suit his very own, home-grown Valve Sound System; Dillinja is well versed in shaking your anatomy to the core.

Sold out.

An Evening With… // November 12 // Joy Orbison

Joy Orbison

We know there are more than a few hardcore house lovers among the Pitch readership, so this one’s for you. If you’re on the fence about house then we urge you to take a trip to the Marble Factory on the evening of November 12. Entertaining punters for the entire evening is the one and only Joy Orbison; one of the most interesting and innovative DJs in the UK at the moment. Joy O’s classic Hyph Mngo is the stand out track when it comes to the captivating house producer, but he is so much more than that – like friends and fellow DJs Ben UFO and the magical Four Tet, Joy O will have you constantly guessing with his far-reaching vinyl collection, and will keep things exciting for the duration.

Tickets available here.

Nightowl // November 26 // Skream: Open to Close (Marble Factory)


It’s a crying shame that London-native Skream has distanced himself from the movement of dubstep, after being one of the pioneers that brought the genre to the attention of the world, but we at Pitch have always had a soft spot for the reformed house and techno lover. While we’re fairly sure he won’t play bangers such as Dutch Flowerz, Midnight Request Line or the invasive Exothermic Reaction after placing himself firmly in the disco camp, he’s certain to have the crowd moving. Being placed in the more intimate Marble Factory where he will play open to close will also add a certain ‘boiler room’ vibe to the evening, but please don’t do anything like this.

Tickets available here.