Its seem that Michael Eavis can’t bare to go another year without Glastonbury. With ‘something special’ planned for the next fallow year in 2018.

Fallow years are taken every five years in order to give the farmland a break from the regular battering of 135,000 attendees. The most recent being in 2012, partly thanks to the London Olympics hogging all the portaloos, and it seems like Eavis plans to make this one the last.

In a new interview with the Central Somerset Gazette, Eavis said, “I have never really considered retiring because I would miss the festival too much. That is why I don’t really want to have a year without a festival. At my age, I want to enjoy as many festivals as I possibly can.”

Michael Eavis Loving life

Michael Eavis Loving life

“I am very proud of what we have managed to achieve over the years. I wake up every morning and get excited just thinking about the festival.”

In 1969, Eavis and his second wife Jean visited the Bath Festival of Blues. Inspired by seeing the performance of Led Zeppelin, Eavis hosted the Pilton Pop Festival in 1970 and then a free festival, Glastonbury Fair was organised by Andrew Kerr the following year. The fair developed into the Glastonbury Festival.

Eavis, who turned 80 in October then added, “I am getting too old, and I don’t want to miss out on any festivals.”

This interview suggests a temporary move away from its spiritual home of Worthy Farm could be on the cards, whether this itself is the ‘something special’ he is referring to is yet to be revealed (Personally I’ve still got my fingers crossed for some kind of monorail… or maybe a giant, 150 acre umbrella). 

Glastonbury Festival 2016 is going ahead as planned and takes place between 22nd and 26th June. See the full line-up so far below. For more information on tickets and registration, visit the Glastonbury website.