A collective of festival organisers, pub landlords, artists and young voters have launched a series of clever initiatives to encourage under 25’s to get involved with the next general election.

Pub owner Joby Andrews launched the ‘Vote This Year – Get Free Beer’ campaign after most people in this age group were presumably too hungover or stoned to vote in the last election and Brexit fiasco.

The initiative aims to entice young people to register and vote by the deadline of May 22nd, with the prospect of free beer and tickets to Love Saves the Day, Shambala, Wonderfields Festival or the Alfresco Disco boat party.

Free beer for students

Simply registering to vote will earn you the right to a cold frothy one (you will need to take your email confirmation as proof), participants are then signed off on a central system run by the campaign, so they cannot claim more than one drink.

Those who have already registered can fill out a few questions to enter themselves into the ticket giveaway.

There’s a growing number of pubs who are taking part in the initiative, so check the list before you go strutting into your local Weatherspoons demanding a free pint.

For more information and a list of all the bars involved visit the website