We’ve all got into a bit of bother at a festival in one way or another, so this is Pitch Magazine’s list of our favourite hacks to help make your festival experience go as smoothly as it can:


The Sunglasses  Case

If you’re like me and the world falls out of your pockets every time you sit down then fear not. If you have one of those fabric sunglasses cases lying around then you can tie a handy loop around one of your belt rings, tuck the case inside your pocket and keep all of your valuables in there.

Sunglasses case

Handy, eh?

Best Place for Beers

Luckily for festival goers, the underneath of a tent seems to produce its very own micro climate capable of keeping beers cool in the very warmest of weather. So pop a few tinnies under your tent and a couple of hours later you’ll feel like Jean Claude Van Damme off that Coors Light advert.

Tent in the snow

Not quite, but you get the idea…

The 21st Century Campfire

Ever wanted to wind the night down around a lovely little campfire only for ‘the man’ to say you can’t have one? Try putting a phone with its torch on face down on the floor, then put either an open carrier bag or a water bottle on top and you can sing lullabies round the camp fire to your heart’s content.

Bottle Lamp

Can you feel the romance?

The Flag

This is only really necessary at your Glastonburys or your Bestivals, where the campsites are large enough for you to get lost trying to find your way back to the tent after you’ve had a few. A little homemade flag will go a long way, acting as a beacon to you and all your inebriated friends.

Lionel Richie Flag

Guiding you home all night long

Crowd Manoeuvers

Making your way through a large crowd can be an arduous task. However, if you start screaming that you’re going to be sick or loudly cursing yesterday’s curry, you’ll find the crowd will part like Moses crossing the Red Sea.

large crowd

Then Moses stretched out his hand over the sea (and chundered)

The Best Time to Eat

This one requires you to slightly alter your eating schedule (which, let’s be honest, is going to be all out of bonk anyway). If you catch food vendors just before they’re about to close, you’re much more likely to get another spoon of curry here or free chicken nugget there.


Mate, let’s get a bhaji?

The Waterproof Bag

When you’re packing for a festival and the weatherman isn’t filling you with confidence, be sure you pop everything (clothes in particular) in a bin liner before you put it in your bag. There’s nothing worse then starting off already soaking wet.

Wet Festival goers

Don’t be these two

The Meeting Point

It seems obvious but I can’t think of a time when I’ve ever done this, but remember many times that I wish I did.  Setting up a meeting point comes in handy towards the end of a festival when the phones have all died and the likelihood of getting lost increases.

Festival Campsite

I’ll meet you at that blue tent

Knowledge is power. Do your good deed for the day and share your own festival hacks with Pitch in the comments below and we’ll repost them in Festival Hacks Part.2.